Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Her Studio

Inspiration apparently?! 

She spends her life in front that thing. I LOVE smoothing this thing, 
smearing it, and pacing up and down in front of it. Especially when she is
desperate to try to look at it :)
That lizard was so good to chew. Made sure I left plenty of bite marks. 
That'll teach it. Must have worked, he's gone now. 
And these 4 heads, they fall so easily off that shelf. Here goes one...bang! here goes the next....bang!

I feel she'll be truly mad if these ones were to fall off the shelf. 
I'll tell Mimi it's all right she'll do it in the middle of the night :) 

This dog thing runs on the floor on its own we loved chasing it as kittens
of course like all good things it was taken from us and placed HIGH on a shelf

She won't let us go to her NEW studio..
So we like to chew stuff no law against it is there?

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